How To Make a Snowboarding Video

How To Make a Snowboarding Video
Making a snowboarding video is an innovative way to showcase your film and snowboarding skills. You can use it to leverage your exposure as an instructor or expert, but be prepared for long days on your board. You need to capture intense tricks and spills and interview pros and amateurs along the way. Keep your video lively and interesting by using high-energy music and editing techniques.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Camera
  • Cameraman
  • Video editing software
  • Music
Step 1
Hire a cameraman, ask a friend to grab their camcorder or velcro an RF Concepts camera on your helmet. Do a test run to see how well the footage translates and if you need to readjust the camera position.
Step 2
Get footage of boarders on the halfpipes, doing fakies, back flips, barrel rolls, and rippey flips. Use more than one camera to get different angles and perspectives.
Step 3
Keep shots of wipe-outs and unexpected twists. A snowboarding video isn't complete without a few accidents and mishaps. You could even earmark them for a montage of spills coupled with successes.
Step 4
Interview snowboarding instructors, boarding equipment salespeople and snowboarding pros. Ask for personal anecdotes, snowboarding tips, a quick tutorial on attempting a new trick and live footage.
Step 5
Edit your footage with a video editing software like iMovie. Include high-energy music tracks and visual effects like wipes, titles, freeze frames, slow motion or graphics.

Tips & Warnings

Watch online snowboarding videos to get inspiration for your own video.
Wearing a camera while snowboarding could result in damage to you and your camera.

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