How To Make a Sun Shelter

How To Make a Sun Shelter
If you are camping in the wild, especially backpacking, you are going to need some type of shelter from the outside elements. In the summertime, the sun can get hot and not only drain your energy, but you can also get sun stroke. Having a shelter to keep the sun off of you is imperative. You don't need anything fancy, just a few essential supplies that you normally would bring with you on a camping trip.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tarp Rope Poncho Poles
  • Tarp
  • Rope
  • Poncho
  • Poles
Step 1
Figure out what materials you have to make a shelter out of. If you have a tarp, you'll be able to make a bigger shelter. Even if you only have a poncho, you'll be able to make a small shelter from the sun. You'll also need some rope and some old tent poles, if available.
Step 2
Pick out an area where there are trees located pretty close together. If you are lucky, you'll have an area that will have enough trees to tie off to. If not, you can use both poles and trees, or only the poles to attach your shelter to. If using poles, make sure to insert them into the ground deep enough so they will be stable and remain standing.
Step 3
Tie ropes to the end of your tarp, if using one. Tie the ropes around each tree trunk, or pole, pulling the tarp as tight as possible. If you desire, you can also place a pole in the center section of the tarp to hold it up higher. If it rains, this will allow the water to run off the tarp, instead of forming a puddle in the center. Your shelter can collapse if too much water fills the center portion.
Step 4
Tie ropes to the end sections of your poncho, if this is what you have to make a sun shelter out of. Tie the ropes to two trees or two poles, if you have them. If using a poncho, place the backside of it towards the wind. This way a gust of wind won't rip your poncho from where it is tied.
Step 5
Use a shirt, blanket, or anything else you might have in your backpack that will give you shelter from the sun. In an emergency situation you'll need to improvise. Anything that you are carrying that is big enough to make shade will do. Of course, it is always best to be prepared when venturing into the outdoors, but if caught off guard, use any resources that are available to create your sun shelter. This is a situation where you'll need to be a bit creative.

Tips & Warnings

When camping or backpacking, be prepared for any situation.

Article Written By Joyce Starr

Joyce Starr is a professional writer from Florida and owns a landscaping company and garden center. She has published articles about camping in Florida, lawn care and gardening and writes for a local gardening newsletter. She shares her love and knowledge of the outdoors and nature through her writing.

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