How to Convert a Shoe Size to a Ski Boot Size

How to Convert a Shoe Size to a Ski Boot Size
Most downhill ski boots are sized in what is known as Mondopoint sizing, which measures the length of your foot from heel to big toe in centimeters. Mondopoint sizing was developed by ski boot manufacturers to provide a universal measurement for ski boots, as opposed to the many different sizing methods--such as Euro and US shoe sizes--previously in use. No matter what your shoe size converts to, make sure to try on the ski boots before you purchase them.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Have your foot measured in a shoe store to determine your shoe size. Doing this instead of just checking the size of your favorite pair of shoes is critical because manufacturers' practices vary widely in shoe sizing.
Step 2
Locate your shoe size by reading down the left-most column of the Mondo Shoe Sizing chart if you're a man. If you're wearing a ladies shoe size, find your shoe size by reading down the right-most column of the same chart.
Step 3
Read across the row your shoe size is in to the appropriate column to find your equivalent Mondo size.

Tips & Warnings

You can double check whether you have the correct Mondo sizing by converting it back to your U.S. shoe size. Add the two numbers to the left of the decimal point. If the Mondo size you started with was 30 or larger, add an extra 9 to this sum. If the Mondo size was a half size, then it's equivalent shoe size will be a half size as well. For example, a Mondo ski boot size 25.5 will be shoe size 2 + 5 = 7, then add the extra .5 to complete the conversion. A Mondo ski boot size 25.5 converts to a U.S. shoe size of 7.5.

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