How to Perform a T-Rescue

How to Perform a T-Rescue
The T-rescue is a kayaking rescue maneuver that requires the assistance of another kayaker still in his boat. It should be practiced in calm water with relatively little wave action until the techniques are mastered. Before the kayaker still in his boat can perform the T-rescue, the other kayaker must have performed a wet or underwater exit from his capsized boat; otherwise, it will be too heavy to lift.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Paddle toward the capsized kayak and coast until you are perpendicular to its bow.
Step 2
Stay in your kayak. Grab the bow of the capsized kayak and pull it into your lap--the water trapped in the kayak will pour out through the cockpit.
Step 3
Turn the capsized kayak right side up, parallel to your own kayak but pointing in the opposite direction.
Step 4
Lay both paddles across the decking of both kayaks, forming a bridge to help stabilize the formerly capsized kayak. Lean over and weight the other kayak with your torso, using both hands on the cockpit coaming to stabilize it.
Step 5
Continue holding the other kayak steady as the ejected kayaker heaves himself across the kayak deck, works his way into the cockpit backwards, then finally turns around to face the correct way once his hips are over the seat of his kayak.

Tips & Warnings

The capsized paddler should keep a grip on his kayak at all times during this rescue; having the kayak right side up won't do either of you any good if the paddler is separated from it.

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