How to Choose Winter Cycling Apparel

How to Choose Winter Cycling Apparel
Cycling throughout the winter is simply unpleasant in some places, but many cyclists prefer to brave winter winds rather than stay off the saddle for months on end. If you are one of these dedicated riders, invest in a quality wardrobe of winter cycling gear.
Unless you must ride in extreme conditions, plan for average winter weather. What temperatures will you be riding in? Is your winter wet, or do you get little precipitation? Will you only ride in certain conditions? Purchase the gear that will get you through the weather.


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Step 1
Purchase fleece-lined arm and leg warmers for mild to moderately cold temperatures. These garments can be worn with normal cycling shorts and jerseys to cover exposed skin, and they make a cost-effective way to extend your summer riding gear to three or even four seasons.
Step 2
Upgrade to long-sleeved jerseys and tights for temperatures below 50 to 55 degrees F. These garments can be used as a base layer for colder weather or can be worn alone in warmer climates.
Step 3
Choose a lightweight, wind- and water-resistent jacket as a shell layer. The jacket should be designed specifically for cycling, including a tapered fit, stash packets and reflective piping.
Step 4
Add a fleece-lined jersey over your base layer for extra cold days.
Step 5
Include long-fingered gloves, warm socks and shoe covers to combat numb appendages.

Tips & Warnings

Stay indoors in harsh conditions, such as severe cold, low visibility or heavy precipitation. Training is important, but it's more important to stay safe and healthy.

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