How to Replace Bicycle Brake Pads

How to Replace Bicycle Brake Pads
Keeping the brakes maintained is as important for a bicycle as for a car. Check your brake pads often, looking for extensive wear, and note any loss in braking power. When it's time to replace the pads, check to see whether your brakes use cartridge-type pads that simply slip into the brake arms or if the pads are bolted directly onto the arms.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Cartridge Brake Pads

Step 1
Remove the pin or bolt holding the pad in place, then slide the pad out of the brake arm.
Step 2
Slide the new pad into the brake arm, making sure to align it correctly. Look for instructions or arrows on the backs of the pads.
Step 3
Replace the pin or bolt. If the pin does not slide easily into place, check that the pad is oriented correctly.

Bolt-on Brake Pads

Step 1
Loosen and remove the nut and washer on the brake pad bolt. Remove the old pad.
Step 2
Insert the new brake pad, and replace the washer and nut, but do not tighten.
Step 3
Replace the wheel, and align the pad so that it is centered over the rim. Tighten the nut.
Step 4
Toe-in the pads, if necessary, by tilting them inward at the leading edge (toward the front of the bike).

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