How to Choose a Butane Camp Stove

How to Choose a Butane Camp StoveButane camping stoves are simple to operate, with only three parts to worry about: fuel bottle, valve and burner. But stoves come in a few different varieties, and choosing the right one is important to the enjoyment of the camping experience.


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Step 1
Consider your portability needs. This is arguably the first and foremost consideration for a stove. It's not an issue for an RV or tailgate camper, but a serious cross-country trekker will want to get the lightest stove possible. That is where the difference between a five-pound and a three-pound stove will become a big deal.
Step 2
Take note of the fuel consumption and heat output. The fuel also needs to be hauled around, and not all stoves are equal in this department. Stoves should indicate the BTU output and maximum fuel consumption in either grams/hour or BTUs/hour. If two stoves are only ounces apart in weight, but the slightly heavier one is more fuel-efficient, it will be lighter in the end because you won't need to haul an extra fuel bottle.
Step 3
Look for a stove with an electric or some other automatic starter. Most stoves come with them. The last thing any camper needs is to not be able to start her stove because of wet matches.
Step 4
Consider price. Prices can vary widely. For example, a decent five-pound stove will cost between $25 and $35, but a 10-pound two-burner stove will cost between $100 and $115. This may be a consideration for more reasons than just budget. The owner of a remote cabin might want to think twice about leaving a $350 four-burner butane camp stove in a poorly secured place.

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