How to Replace a Lost Canadian Passport

How to Replace a Lost Canadian Passport
Canadian citizens are required to have a passport when traveling outside Canada, but sometimes they may lose their passport. To prevent fraudulent usage, passport holders are required to notify the authorities when their passport is lost. Once reported, it cannot be used for travel purposes. Then, they can use a replacement passport that is valid only for a limited time.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Police report copy Computer with Internet access Completed application forms Guarantor Proof of Canadian citizenship, original copy Two recent identical passport photos Proof of Canadian citizenship form Statutory declaration form Required fee
  • Police report copy
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Completed application forms
  • Guarantor
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship, original copy
  • Two recent identical passport photos
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship form
  • Statutory declaration form
  • Required fee
Step 1
Report the loss of your Canadian passport immediately to the nearest local police. Get a copy of the detailed police report, which you'll need to submit with your passport application. You must do this whether you are in Canada or abroad.
Step 2
Contact the Passport Canada office about such loss. If you are outside Canada, report the loss of your Canadian passport to the nearest Canadian government office. Contact information for these offices is available at the website for Passport Canada.
Step 3
Apply for a replacement passport at any Passport Canada office or at the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate office abroad. Canadian authorities will conduct an investigation about such loss before replacing your lost Canadian passport, which may cause delays in processing.
Step 4
Obtain an application form in person at any Passport Canada office, Canada Post outlet or Service Canada Centre. If you live abroad, get a form in person at any Canadian government office abroad. You can also go to the Passport Canada forms web page.
Use the drop-down bar next to "Current Profile" to select your current residency. Click on the "PPTC #" that corresponds to the form based on your age. Do not use the Simplified Renewal Form. Read the general information and instructions to complete it properly. Fill out all the required information online and print. Then sign it in front of your guarantor. When done, let him complete the "Declaration of Guarantor" section with his signature. He also needs to sign the back of one photo. He must sign and date the photocopies of your supporting identification. A guarantor is a person other than yourself who vouches for your identity. He must be a Canadian citizen 18 years or older, have a Canadian passport that is valid or has been expired for no more than one year on the day you submit your application, have known you personally for at least two years, have been at least 16 years old when he applied for his own passport, be accessible to Passport Canada for verification, and reside in the place where the submission of your application form is authorized.
Step 5
Have your proof of Canadian citizenship ready. If you were born in Canada, you need to have an original copy of either a Canadian birth certificate issued by the province or territory of your birth, or a Certificate of Canadian citizenship. If you were born outside of Canada, you can choose to submit one of the following original documents: Certificate of Canadian citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization in Canada, Certificate of Retention of Canadian citizenship, or Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad.
Step 6
Have two recent identical passport photos. For proper specifications for photos, go to the Passport Canada website and scroll down to look for "2.Two identical, up-to-date passport photos." Click on the "Passport Photos" link.
Step 7
Go to the Passport Canada forms web page, and print the forms for "Proof of Canadian Citizenship" and "Statutory Declaration." Click on the "PPTC 001" and "PPTC 203" links. Then complete the "Proof of Canadian Citizenship" form. You should fill out the "Statutory Declaration" before, and have it signed by a qualified official, such as a commissioner for oaths, lawyer, notary public or other qualified official.
Step 8
Know the appropriate fee needed. You can pay it in any form accepted by the office where you will submit your application, such as cash, certified cheque, traveler's cheque or international money order (postal or bank), money order (postal or bank), credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or debit card (Interac). Below are the fees, as of 2009, depending on your current residency, age and the number of passport pages:

If you live in Canada, citizens 16 and older will pay $87 for a 24-page passport book, $92 for a 48-page book. Children aged 3 to 15 will pay $37 and $39, while children under 3 are charged $22 for a 24-page book and $24 for the larger book.

If you live in the United States or Bermuda, the fees are $97 or $102 for those 16 or older, while children are charged the same rates as in Canada. Please note that the fee for a 24-page passport is $87 and the fee for a 48-page passport is $92 if the application is submitted in person at a service location in Canada or mailed from within Canada.

If you live abroad, the fees for a 24-page book and 48-page book, respectively, are $100 and $105 for those age 16 or older, $35 and $37 for children aged 3 to 15, and $20 and $22 for children under 3.
Step 9
Submit in person, by mail or by courier all the requirements, such as your completed application form with your guarantor's signature, your two recent identical passport photos, required fee, an original copy of your proof of Canadian citizenship with that form, your valid identification document or card, your completed Statutory declaration form, and an original copy of the police report.

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