How to Hang a Hammock Swing

How to Hang a Hammock SwingHang a hammock at your campsite, on the beach, even on the trail---anywhere you just want to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Rope hammocks offer one of the best lightweight solutions for those who want to take one on a day trip or an overnight backpacking trip. Typically made from cotton, polyester, hemp or nylon roping, these hammocks do not require a stand. Instead, you hang it between two points. Once you've hung your hammock, relax, read a book or take a little siesta. Enjoy life while gently swinging in the breeze.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Two solid objects
  • Rope hammock
Step 1
Choose two solid, sturdy objects such as trees or posts capable of holding the weight of your hammock.
Step 2
Make sure the area you choose receives the amount of sun or shade you want. If it doesn't, find a more suitable spot.
Step 3
Spread out your hammock on the ground between the two objects; the space between the objects should be a foot or two longer than the hammock. Leave enough space to swing laterally; four to six feet should suffice.
Step 4
Tie the rope at each end of the hammock to the tree (or whatever object you're anchoring it to). Make sure the hammock swings at least four feet above the ground.
Step 5
Carefully test the sturdiness of the hammock to make sure you hung it properly and that it holds your weight.

Tips & Warnings

Look for hammocks with small spaces between the ropes. These are typically more comfortable.
Choose weather-resistant hammocks to avoid rotting and mildew.
If you plan to share your hammock, make sure it's big enough to hold two people comfortably.
Do not leave children unsupervised in a hammock.
Swing gently in your hammock to avoid damaging the hammock or ties.


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