How to Drop Off a Cliff in Skiing

How to Drop Off a Cliff in Skiing
Perhaps you've seen a skier launching off a cliff in a magazine photo or television spot. The decision to hit a cliff is calculated and analyzed, not done blindly.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Check what the landing looks like. Make sure it's clear of obstacles such as rocks or trees.
Step 2
Determine if the landing area is steep enough to accommodate you landing there. As the cliff gets bigger, you'll want a steeper landing because it's easier on your body. Gravity is working for you unlike on a flat landing.
Step 3
Make sure there's enough snow at the take off and landing to ensure you can at least attempt a safe jump.
Step 4
See what the snow conditons are like. Ideally, soft powder is what you're looking for because it's more forgiving. If it's hardpack, you may want to consider hucking off the cliff.
Step 5
Figure out how much speed you'll need to clear the cliff. Cliff's don't necessarily have to be perfectly vertical. You may have to be moving at a good clip to clear lower out croppings.
Step 6
Decide if you can fast enough to make the jump.
Step 7
Have a friend scout out the landing, while you decide how the take off looks and if you really want to do it.
Step 8
Stay in a tucked position when you go off the cliff.
Step 9
Extend your legs to meet the ground.
Step 10
Land on your hip if you want to slough more speed quickly.
Step 11
Smile. Now you're a rock star.

Tips & Warnings

No need to rush a jump. Make sure you feel comfortable with all the different elements of he jump.
Stay relaxed and remember to breathe.

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