How to Do a Roast Beef Grab on a Snowboard

How to Do a Roast Beef Grab on a Snowboard
Snowboarding has become a world wide phenomenon because of each person's ability to create her own style on the slopes using a wide variety of tricks. One of the basic and yet very stylish grabs is the Roast Beef. Snowboard professionals use the Roast Beef often in competition and when warming up for a day on the snow. Read on to learn more.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Warm up by starting with some regular jumps to get in the groove for the day. Think about the timing for doing the Roast Beef while you warm up.
Step 2
Go fast enough to stay in the air for a couple of seconds at least.
Step 3
Flatten the board on the snow and board straight at the jump.
Step 4
Ollie off the jump to get more height and time to do the grab.
Step 5
Lift your knees as high as possible toward your chest as soon as you jump instead of bending over at the waist toward the board.
Step 6
Grab the board on the heel side by reaching between your legs with your trailing hand. You will need to stick your elbow out in front of your body and grasp the board with your fingers curling under the board and your thumb on top. If snowboarding goofy (left foot first), you will grab the board with your left hand and grab with your right hand for regular stance.
Step 7
Use your free hand to help you keep your balance.
Step 8
Release the board to get ready to land. Try to hold the board until the last second.
Step 9
Lower your legs but keep them bent enough to absorb the landing.
Step 10
Land the trick and find another jump to do the Roast Beef grab again.

Tips & Warnings

Don't worry about grabbing the snowboard for less than a second when you are learning the trick. It takes time to make grabbing the board with a Roast Beef natural and automatic.
Work on getting your Ollies higher to give you more time to do the Roast Beef grab when you Ollie off a ramp, jump or bump.
The Roast Beef tends to be easier on straight jumps without any spinning.
Be sure to wear wrist guards, pads and a helmet while working on the Roast Beef and other new tricks. Wearing pads is cooler than sitting at home healing up after an avoidable injury.

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