How to Do a McTwist on a Snowboard

How to Do a McTwist on a Snowboard
Mike McGill invented the McTwist in the early 1980s. He used the McTwist in a public competition in 1984 at a skating contest held at the Del-Mar Skatepark. The McTwist mixes together a Backside 540, a mute grab and a front flip during the one trick. Read on to learn more.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Warm up for the McTwist by practicing the different elements of the trick on an early run. Do a few 540s and front front flips with a mute grab.
Step 2
Use the ride to the top of the half-pipe as an opportunity to go over the trick in your mind and picture yourself performing the various elements needed. Move your muscles slightly to simulate the moves as you picture the trick in your mind.
Step 3
Gain some serious speed before dropping into the half-pipe.
Step 4
Drop into the half-pipe and guide your board to the opposite lip.
Step 5
Crouch down low on your board at the bottom of the halfpipe and pick the spot you launch off of on the approaching lip. Do not take your eyes off the spot you will use.
Step 6
Distribute your weight evenly on both legs at the bottom of the pipe.
Step 7
Extend your legs slowly as you move up the transition and prepare to jump up off the lip. You are creating more momentum for the trick.
Step 8
Lower your head and front shoulder (left for regular, right for goofy) as soon as your front foot clears the lip.
Step 9
Jump up off the lip to do a front flip, crouch down and grab the board with a mute grab.
Step 10
Twist your body around right after starting the front flip to get the 540 twist.
Step 11
Look for and focus on a landing spot as soon as possible.
Step 12
Stick the landing and get in line for another run.

Tips & Warnings

You will need a maximum amount of air to do the McTwist. Gather all of the speed you can muster and still stay in control.
Visualize doing the McTwist in your mind before you strap on the snowboard. You need to know exactly what you are doing at each phase of the trick.
Don't even attempt this trick unless you are an accomplished snowboarder and can land the 540 without a problem.
Make sure you wear a helmet and other pads when learning the McTwist because you will fall hard and often. Try to relax your body to absorbs falls.

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