How to Do a Backside 180 on a Snowboard

How to Do a Backside 180 on a Snowboard
Snowboarding is about more than sliding down a big hill with a big piece of wood strapped to your feet. Going down the hill in style is as much a part of the fun as making it down the slope clean. Every snowboarder develops his own style in the tricks he does. The Backside 180 is a great little trick to mix up and throw in all over the slopes to increase style points. Read on to learn more.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Make a run without attempting the 180 but working on some Ollies on and off of jumps or bumps on the slope. Nail your landings as you warm up to build some confidence.
Step 2
Go over the Backside 180 in your mind as you go back up the hill to work on this trick.
Step 3
Board down to the jumps you made earlier because are familiar with the jumps.
Step 4
Flatten the board as you approach the jump to build speed for the jump.
Step 5
Ollie at the end of the jump to increase the air you get to do the Backside 180.
Step 6
Twist your body 180 degrees around your backside (or spine). If snowboarding in a regular stance, your left heel should lead the turn of the board and you should land with your right foot forward. If you use a goofy stance, your right heel should lead the turn of the board and you should land with your right left forward.
Step 7
Look between your knees to watch your landing point on the ground.
Step 8
Keep your knees bent to make a soft landing on the snow after your jump.
Step 9
Add serious style when you do a Backside 180 by grabbing the snowboard for a moment during the twist.
Step 10
Practice on jumps of different sizes to get the feel for how much rotation you need to do the Backside 180 as smooth as possible.

Tips & Warnings

Timing is everything for a smooth Backside 180. For a small jump, rotate fast and for a larger jump, rotate slow.
If you are beginner, be prepared to fall a few times until you get the timing right on the Backside 180 rotation.
Picture yourself doing the trick before you attempt it so your body knows what to do.
Even though a short jump and 180 twist does not seem hard, you need to wear appropriate pads to protect yourself until you do this trick without falling.

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