How to Pull an Overhang in Rock Climbing

How to Pull an Overhang in Rock Climbing
Climbing through an overhang takes strength, commitment and good technique.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Plan your moves through the overhang. You don't want to be figuring out where to go in the crux of the overhang.
Step 2
Place protection as high in the route as possible before launching into the overhang.
Step 3
Use long slings on protection under the roof or overhanging section. This will help reduce rope tension after you climb over the overhang.
Step 4
Start with your feet on high holds under the overhang and then move your hands through the overhang. This will help you keep your feet attached to the rock as you move through and will help you reach higher handholds.
Step 5
Commit to the move. Once you start climbing through a roof or an overhang, try to keep going, because it may be very difficult to climb down the roof.
Step 6
Keep your feet attached to the rock as you climb through the roof. If your feet detach from holds, you will swing out and you'll have a harder time using your hands effectively.
Step 7
Once you're through the overhang, place protection as soon as you can to avoid falling back over the overhang.

Tips & Warnings

Protect when you can, but don't hang in the crux of an overhang and flame out trying to get gear. Try to climb through the crux and get protection when you get a better stance.
Don't underestimate the power of the heel hook, especially on an overhang. Hook your heel on a high hold and pull hard with your hamstring. This will help you "lock off" with your arms so you can reach higher handholds.
Falling while climbing through an overhang is particularly dangerous because the fall will be longer, and you're likely to swing back into the rock.

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