How to Train for Mountaineering

How to Train for Mountaineering
Mountaineering is not hiking, climbing or camping. It's all three of those things, usually combined with inclement weather and in a high altitude setting. At every corner and with each step danger lurks, so training is of paramount importance to the success of any expedition.


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Step 1
Sign up for a mountaineering course in the spring and summer that emphasizes the basics in technique, route selection, gear and instructional books.
Step 2
Begin climbing in the high alpine on easy to moderate trails.
Step 3
Take an aid climbing course, which teaches you the basics of climbing (using climbing gear, or "aid," such as pitons and ascenders when a route is too hard to "free" climb). Then take an ice class for two to three days that teaches the use of picks and crampons, and requires you to wear cold- weather gear.
Step 4
Practice on varied terrain like big rocks, steeps, ice, snow and at night.
Step 5
Make your first big climb in the spring on Alaska's Denali. Take a guided expedition to get you used to a long haul, weather, putting your skills to test, and altitude.
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Plan your Everest expedition no sooner than three years into a vigorous and regular training and mountaineering schedule.

Tips & Warnings

Go to the mountains often.
Read lots of books - both technical and experiential.
Use the best equipment - your life depends on it.
Consult experts whenever you have a question.
Mountaineering is dangerous and can result in injury, illness or even death.

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