How to Prevent Insect Bites While Hiking

How to Prevent Insect Bites While Hiking
Insect bites are a drawback to hiking. You may not be able to eliminate them completely, but here are some steps you can take to prevent them.


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Step 1
Avoid tick bites by steering clear of tall grass and areas with a lot of brush and low-hanging branches.
Step 2
Avoid mosquito bites by hiking during the morning and afternoon when mosquitoes are less active. Also, try to stay in sunny areas rather than those that are shaded.
Step 3
Avoid tick and mosquito bites by using an insect repellent containing DEET, or wearing clothing treated with Permethrin.
Step 4
Prevent spider bites simply by being aware. Look around before you sit down to rest. Avoid reaching into places that you cannot see.
Step 5
Wear a hat to help keep insects from getting in your hair.
Step 6
Wear an insect-screen hat, jacket or body suit if you are going into an area known for bad insect problems. Although this get-up may not look great, you'll be far less itchy after the hike.

Tips & Warnings

Ticks are less likely to be a problem on dry, sunny days than on damp, cloudy days.
Don't want to spray your clothing with Permethrin sprays? Consider buying pre-treated shirts, shorts, jackets or pants.
If you use a DEET-containing insect repellent, make sure you take a shower to remove it from your skin as soon as you get home.

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