How to Mountain Bike Uphill

How to Mountain Bike Uphill
If you're mountain biking, chances are you'll come into contact with a rather steep hill. Rather than turning the bike around and heading the other way, follow these steps and take on the challenge.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Practice on gradual ascents before you try a steep climb. Shift into a low gear, and experiment until you know which gears feel comfortable on various inclines.
Step 2
Parse the climb into several sections in your mind to avoid being overwhelmed by the miles ahead.
Step 3
Lean forward and keep your back straight while you climb. Keep pressure on your front wheel by leaning on your handlebars. This helps maintain traction.
Step 4
Lean even more on your handlebars if it feels like your front wheel is lifting off the ground - this often happens on extremely steep climbs.
Step 5
Hunch over the handlebars and push your weight into both wheels for steep pitches. Pedal like there's no tomorrow.
Step 6
Keep your legs and arms flexed, but avoid locking your joints.
Step 7
Consider standing up to pedal to break the monotony and exercise different muscles during longer climbs.
Step 8
Switch into a higher gear, and raise yourself into a standing position as you pedal.
Step 9
Keep your weight centered above your pedals and press down on your handlebars as you pedal standing.

Tips & Warnings

Give yourself time to warm up as you begin an ascent. If you feel like quitting after 15 minutes, keep pedaling. In half an hour, you'll feel the groove.
Lighter people tend to get more out of standing. Heavier cyclists are more efficient when they hunker down and pedal.
A successful climb begins 1 to 2 hours before you hit the trail. Prepare by drinking lots of water and eating high-energy foods. For climbs that last more than an hour, bring along a sports bar or gel to keep your energy level high.
Standing takes more energy, so use it with discretion.
Wear a helmet. Some men over 50 climb without helmets in hot weather to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

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