How to Mountain Bike With Your Dog

How to Mountain Bike With Your Dog
A short mountain bike ride is a great way to give both you and your pooch some exercise.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Check to see that the trail you want to bike allows dogs.
Step 2
Ride short distances with your dog. When starting out, ride 3 or 4 miles to acclimate your dog to running with a bike.
Step 3
Work up slowly to riding longer distances. Start short, then progress until you're riding 8 or 9 miles at a time.
Step 4
Slow your pace while riding with your dog, especially on the downhills.
Step 5
Bring some extra water and teach your pooch to drink from your hand or straight from the water bottle.
Step 6
Develop a whistle or shout to use when your dog gets too close to your front tire. A quick "yeow" will get your dog on the side of the trail and out of harm's way.

Tips & Warnings

Long bike rides (over 10 miles) are physically demanding on dogs. Check with your veterinarian if you have any questions about a dog's health.
Mountain biking is a physically demanding sport that could result in serious injury. We recommend that you seek the proper training and equipment before undertaking this activity.

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