Stop a Snowboard With Your Toes

Stop a Snowboard With Your Toes
Snowboarding is a sport where agility and balance are critical. You will need to practice as much as possible to develop the necessary skill and technique for snowboarding. However, with time, simple tricks such as stopping a snowboard with your toes will be a cinch.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Go down the slope steadily and prepare to stop with your toes. Keep your balance the entire time. Lower your weight and lean forward.
Step 2
Lean forward with your face toward the peak and your back toward the bottom of the slope. This will prepare you for the ultimate toe stop. At this stage your board should be perpendicular to the slope.
Step 3
Balance your body with the board so that you will not fall forward or backwards. While remaining perpendicular, lift your heels up and sideslip to lose speed.
Step 4
Dig into the snow with your toes to come to a stop. You have to be careful as to how far you dig your board into the snow, remembering to keep your balance.
Step 5
Level out your board as you are stopping and slowing down.

Tips & Warnings

Practice toe stopping at the bottom of slopes until you have perfected it. If you try to toe stop in the middle of a slope and lose your balance, you could end up hurting yourself. You might even end up in the hospital.

Article Written By Jessica

Jessica started snowboarding at a young age and most recently decided to go to the dark side and try skiing. She has traveled to various parts of the North East to find the best powder. She looked outside the box recently and went to the Chilean Andes.

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