How to Position a Beach Umbrella for Maximum Coverage

How to Position a Beach Umbrella for Maximum Coverage
The coastlines of the world are home to more than half the world's population. Tourists, homeowners, camping and water sport enthusiasts visit often to enjoy the beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Beaches are a favorite area, but time spent on the beach in the hot sun without shade can be dangerous. Beach umbrellas are the best solution to this dilemma by offering an efficient amount of shade for a hot day at the beach.


Difficulty: Easy

Positioning a beach umbrella for optimum coverage

Things You’ll Need:
  • Large beach umbrella Measuring tape
  • Large beach umbrella
  • Measuring tape
Step 1
Find a suitable place on the beach near midday and ensure no debris is piled up in your prospective area. Clear the area of debris.
Step 2
Point the umbrella at the sun and open it up. Be sure to wear sunglasses and avoid directly looking into the sun while performing this step.
Step 3
Stake the umbrella into the ground at an angle positioning the crown of the umbrella toward the sun. Be sure to firmly stake the beach umbrella well into the ground, driving it about one foot into the sand.
Step 4
Mark the size of the shadow by drawing a line in the sand with a stick or your finger and then measure the area with a tape measure.
Step 5
Wobble the umbrella up and down and right and left slightly to make sure the shadow from the umbrella stays in your marked area. If the shadow appears larger, then re-stake the umbrella to allow a larger shaded area.
Step 6
Move the umbrella as needed to compensate for the movement of the sun during your time on the beach. Always keep the crown of the umbrella angled toward the sun when recalculating your position.

Article Written By Jeremiah Blanchard

Jeremiah Blanchard has been writing professionally since 2006, specializing in topics related to nature, the environment, conservation and philosophy. His work has appeared in activist columns on Socyberty and Authspot. Blanchard studied art at William Carey College and history at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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