Land Big Jumps on a Mountain Bike

Land Big Jumps on a Mountain Bike
Landing big jumps on your mountain bike is easier than you might think. With the proper approach, balance and some basic technique, you can land most big jumps with ease. To land big jumps on your mountain bike, follow the simple steps below.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Watch someone land a big jump before you attempt it. Observing other people helps you judge the speed required and airborne distance more easily than winging it.
Step 2
Approach the big jump in a straight line. The way to catch big air is by finding a steep lip. Avoid any side to side movements because this can cause you to hit the jump in an uneven fashion, which is not recommended.
Step 3
Look at where you're going to land and be aware of any obstacles that are there.
Step 4
Relax your elbows and knees. Knees should be at a 45 degree angle, elbows at a 60 degree angle. Don't straighten them out. Usually, a lower seat is ideal for centering your gravity.
Step 5
Remember to stop pedaling a short distance before you hit the lip. Pedaling through the jump can throw your balance out of whack.
Step 6
Angle your bike and your body so that both wheels touch the ground at the same time after you jump. If the front wheel hits first, you may flip. If the back wheel hits first, you may bounce.
Step 7
Keep your front wheel straight after landing. This keeps you heading in the direction you want to go, as well as keeps you well balanced.
Step 8
Continue riding until the next jump

Tips & Warnings

Know your skill level. Beginners shouldn't go on runs with big jumps. Make sure your mountain bike is in good condition and well maintained before you land a jump.
Keep your elbows and knees relaxed but tense enough to absorb impact. Being too stiff may cause sprains and lead to crashes.


Article Written By Robert Sunset

Robert Sunset is an avid outdoorsman and Assistant Boy Scout Leader in Missoula, Montana, which is famous for its outdoor recreation. Snowboarding, hiking, and camping are just a few things he does throughout the year.

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