Land a Jump on a Snowboard

Land a Jump on a Snowboard
In the past 15 years, snowboarding has become wildly popular. Snowboarding is often about doing tricks and jumping. The free style of the sport is often a drawing factor. However, one of the first things you have to learn when jumping is how to land.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Learn to Ollie. When a snowboarder Ollies, it is when they jump up into the air with their snowboard. Practicing on level surfaces helps to get this technique.
Step 2
Find a small jump to start on. A jump that is one or two feet is good to start. Try to find a small jump where you will land on a small incline, as this is easier to land your jump.
Step 3
Crouch down a bit as you reach the jump. This will help you to spring up as you jump. Ollie when you reach the jump to give yourself lift.
Step 4
Plan your land. You will have a short time in the air to see where you are going to come down. You want to come down flat on your board. Try to avoid landing on the front or back of the board.
Step 5
Bend your knees as you land. This will help your body absorb the shock of the landing. If you feel like you are going to fall, go forward onto your hands and knees.
Step 6
Try the jump all over again. Landing jumps is easier when you have a few successful landings done.

Tips & Warnings

Even snowboarders with years of practice don't land every jump. Even if you fall the first time, keep trying. Be aware of other snowboarders around you. When jumping make sure the landing is clear of other snowboarders to avoid accidents. Save the fancy moves for when you have the jumping and landing down. First, make sure you have the basics down and then you can add the moves that made you want to try snowboarding.
Helmets are important pieces of safety equipment for snowboarders. Protect your head in the case of a fall.

Article Written By Judith Davis

Judith Davis has loved skiing since she was first on skis in the 80's. Her varied experience include European skiing as well as skiing in both Eastern and Western United States.

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