Get on a Ski Lift With a Snowboard

Get on a Ski Lift With a Snowboard
When first learning to snowboard, even getting upright can seem tricky, much less getting on a ski lift. Don't let that intimidate you. Getting on a chair lift or ski lift just takes a little practice and some nerve. Here are some tips to help you get on a ski lift with a snowboard.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Get in position. With only your front foot in the snowboard binding, skate into the ski lift line by pushing yourself along with your back foot.
Step 2
Sit in the lift chair. When it's your turn, skate up to the marked line. Look over your outside shoulder towards the chair and when it comes around behind you, grab the outside of the chair and sit down.
Step 3
Ride the ski lift. After sitting down, lean back in the chair and point your snowboard forward so that it lifts off the snow. Prop your snowboard against your other foot if your leg gets tired on the ride up the mountain.
Step 4
Prepare to get off the ski lift. As the chair approaches the off- loading ramp at the top of the mountain, twist around so that when you put your board on the snow and stand you will be pointing in the right direction. Try to keep the front part of the snowboard up.
Step 5
Stand up and glide away. When you get to the disembarking point, stand up while putting your weight on your forward foot. Put your back foot down on the board on the stomp pad and balance your weight on the snowboard. Glide out of the way of the other boarders and skiers.
Step 6
Stop. Now that you have successfully and safely gotten on and off a ski lift with a snowboard, it's time to have some fun. Stop and strap in and enjoy the ride down the mountain.

Tips & Warnings

When standing in the lift line, try to position yourself so that you aren't in the middle of two other people. This will make getting off the ski lift with a snowboard much easier. Practice skating around on flat ground so that you get comfortable maneuvering with one foot strapped in the snowboard before first skating into a lift line.

Article Written By Jill Jensen

Jill Jensen is a lifelong Alaskan who spent many a winter boarding the Alaskan backcountry before retiring her snowboard and moving to snowless Tennessee to practice law and get married.

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