Evaluate a Snowboard Instructor

Evaluate a Snowboard Instructor
Learning to snowboard should be fun and exciting, and a snowboarding instructor can make all the difference in the learning experience. An instructor should be someone that can guide you through the learning process with expertise and enjoyment. Here are some tips to evaluate your snowboarding instructor.


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Step 1
Sign up for lessons. If you have never snowboarded before you might want to sign up for a basic class at a ski/snowboarding resort.
Step 2
Ask about the instructor when you sign up for lessons. Inquire about their training and their experience. You can also find out how popular they are with other students. The ski school should have all this information.
Step 3
Ask the instructor if he or she will provide you with contact information of some of former students. The instructor's willingness to give this information freely says a lot about his experience.
Step 4
Meet with your snowboard instructor before any lessons. Ask them how they teach. Many will have different instructing styles. Find out what techniques they teach.
Step 5
Take a lesson. Here you will see how your instructor teaches snowboarding. Evaluate how you and other students interact with them. See how well they answer questions. What techniques they stress their students learn.
Step 6
Observe your snowboard instructor. Notice if they have patience. Note what techniques they teach. See if the students have their full attention.
Step 7
Follow up with your snowboarding instructor. After your lesson, ask to speak with your instructor. Discuss any concerns or ask any questions you may have.

Tips & Warnings

Snowboard instructors teaching beginners often have experience over actual instructor training. Experience some times is better in this case. You get what you put into snowboard lessons. Look for a snowboard instructor that can bring out enthusiasm for the sport.

Article Written By Judith Davis

Judith Davis has loved skiing since she was first on skis in the 80's. Her varied experience include European skiing as well as skiing in both Eastern and Western United States.

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