Do a Butter on a Snowboard

Do a Butter on a Snowboard
Snowboarding is a sport where agility and balance are something you need to have or else you're going to fall a lot. There is a lot of skill and technique that you have to devote to snowboarding, in addition to practicing whenever you can. Over time, tricks like buttering a board, will become second nature. Here are steps to learn how to butter on a snowboard.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Find a part of the slope without a lot of ski or boarding traffic on it. If you mess up this trick, there is a good chance that you may hit other people.
Step 2
Make sure that you are starting on an incline on the slope. That way you have a little momentum as you get started.
Step 3
Lean forward on your board in the beginning to start going downhill. Do not panic if you start picking up speed. Always stay in control of yourself and your board.
Step 4
Lean on the front end of the board as you lift up your back end of the board. Pivot with the board with the front end.
Step 5
Rotate your body with the board but do not lift the board up too much or you'll lose your balance.
Step 6
Continue the motions until you are back to your original position. Remember that the entire objective of this trick is to do a series of circles.
Step 7
Do the same actions to get to your original stance.

Article Written By Jessica

Jessica started snowboarding at a young age and most recently decided to go to the dark side and try skiing. She has traveled to various parts of the North East to find the best powder. She looked outside the box recently and went to the Chilean Andes.

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