Break In New Hiking Boots

Break In New Hiking Boots
A good pair of hiking boots can make or break a hike. When buying your hiking boots you need to make sure that they fit right by trying them on and making sure that they feel comfortable and snug. The best, well-fitting pair of hiking boots will still hurt your feet if you fail to break them in before taking them out on a hike.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Wear your hiking boots around the house. Put on the same socks you will wear while hiking, line up the tongue and lace them up tightly. When breaking in boots, any bends or folds you make in them will remain there permanently. Return your boots if they're painful after a couple of sessions around the house.
Step 2
Run errands in your hiking boots if they appear comfortable after you initially break them in at home. Go grocery shopping or work in the yard with them on. Gradually extend the period of time in which you wear them.
Step 3
Hike a couple of short trips on easy trails. If you feel even a small amount of pain remove the boots. Small annoyances can become big problems later on.
Step 4
Add a small amount of weight for a couple more hiking trips. Increase the intensity of the hike slightly to continue to break in the hiking boots.
Step 5
Increase the duration of your hike for the final stage of the break-in process. Add some weight to your backpack and choose a more challenging trail and give the boots a good workout.

Tips & Warnings

Use a stretching device on your hiking boots if you have a spot that still feels a little tight after breaking them in. You can find these at most shoe repair shops.
If the hiking boots are pinching your feet or causing immediate pain take them back and try a different style. Do this before taking them outside.

Article Written By Nychole Price

Nychole Price is an outdoor enthusiast who has spent many summers hiking and backpacking in Desolation Wilderness, South Lake Tahoe. A majority of her winter is spent snowboarding with her husband and children.

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