How to Conserve Energy Running a 10K

How to Conserve Energy Running a 10K
Many a road runner ends a 10K running race on a slow and exhausted note. These disappointing race results need not happen if you know how to conserve your energy and run a smart race. There are common mistakes to avoid, and ways to pace yourself to save energy.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Good running shoes
Step 1
Don't start out too fast. One of the most common mistakes that runners make in a 10K race is going out too fast. Resist the urge to sprint out to the front at the gun. Start at a comfortable pace that may even feel a little too slow.
Step 2
Keep your pace even and controlled for the first few miles. You will naturally run faster than your normal pace because of the excitement of the race and the other racers around you.
Step 3
Check in with your body frequently and relax tense areas. Excess tension is a big energy waster. Relax, have fun, and keep your pace even.
Step 4
For the last two miles, slowly up your pace. You're almost there, so now you can use the energy you've conserved and finish your race strong.
Step 5
In the last part of the race, pick out runners ahead of you to catch and pass. This is an enjoyable mind game that will help you run faster with less effort. Wait until you can see the finish line to sprint in full force, finishing strong and refreshed.

Tips & Warnings

Be well hydrated for your race. A conservative start will give you a great finish.
Be well hydrated for your race.
A conservative start will give you a great finish.
Check with your doctor to be sure you are healthy enough to do a 10K race.

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