How to Use Fishing Floats

How to Use Fishing Floats
Fishing floats are used for suspending bait at a particular level in the water for presentation to fish as well as providing a strike indicator. Floats are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are made from various materials. Today, floats are commonly available made from hard plastics. However, more traditional floats are still readily available made from wood as well as cork. Rigging a readily available plastic ball float is an easy process.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line Float
  • Fishing line
  • Float
Step 1
Locate the position on the fishing line where the float should be attached. The float will typically need to be located at a position on the line which will allow the hook and bait below to be suspended at a desired depth in the water.
Step 2
Depress the button on the top of the float. The spring in the float will cause a small hook to extend from the bottom of the float.
Step 3
Insert the fishing line into the float hook. Wrap the line around the small hook to help insure the float will not move or slide during use.
Step 4
Release the button on top of the float. This will allow the float hook to retract back against the body of the float and secure the line.
Step 5
Double check the position of the float on the line to ensure proper positioning. Make any adjustments as needed before and during fishing.

Tips & Warnings

Experiment with a variety of floats. Some floats, such as a cigar float, require the line to be inserted into the body of the float and then pegged into place with small plastic pins.
Use caution when handling tightly stretched fishing lines as it is possible to receive a cut or abrasion.

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