How to Store Camping Equipment

How to Store Camping EquipmentStoring camping equipment until its next use allows you to preserve the quality of the items. Airtight storage containers kept in cool, dry locations will have your equipment lasting a long time. Common locations in which to store camping equipment include a storage shed or garage; but only do so if the area is maintained at a consistent temperature and moisture can be kept to a minimum.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Lay out all of your camping items on a solid surface and begin to organize your equipment. Sort by size and type. Create labels for every group. Use a permanent marker so the label will last throughout the season.
Step 2
Store items such as cookware and cooking utensils by themselves in a large (28-gallon) airtight container. Make sure grill grates and camping-stove accessories are clean and grease-free.
Step 3
Place fabric items likesleeping bags, tablecloths, camping blankets and air mattresses in a large (18-gallon) air-tight plastic container. Keep the bulky items toward the bottom and the thinner items at the top. Scatter cedar chips throughout the top and bottom of the container.
Step 4
Keep items such as lanterns, flashlights, Thermoses and trash bags stored in a large (18-gallon), air-tight plastic container.
Step 5
Make a box specifically for miscellaneous items, such as hammers, stakes, hatchets, rope, bungee cords and hiking clips. Layer these items with a tarp to prevent scratching and added wear and tear. Store them in a large (28-gallon) container. Store first-aid kits, bug spray, sunscreen and personal-care items in a large Ziploc storage bag and place it inside the plastic storage box.
Step 6
Label each box according to its contents.

Tips & Warnings

Mothballs can be used in place of cedar chips. Both will prevent moth infestation and moisture damage.
Make sure to remove batteries and all fluids from equipment before storing.

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