How to Select Hiking Boots

How to Select Hiking Boots
Selecting the right boots for your next hiking trip is a very important part of the entire experience. Your feet are what will be guiding you through the terrain, as well supporting the weight of the load you will be carrying. Finding a boot that meets your needs is essential to making your hiking experience an enjoyable one.


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Step 1
Reflect on the kind of hiking you'll be doing to determine the key attributes you need in a hiking boot, such as water resistance, weight, ankle support, traction and breathability.
Step 2
Ask yourself if you will be hiking across rocky, rough terrain. If so, a more rugged, traditional style of boot may suit you. If you will be hiking on a smoother trail or a type of terrain that requires more speed, a more athletic style may suit you better.
Step 3
Visit an outdoor-sporting-goods store like Dick's Sporting Goods, or visit to find a store in your city or neighborhood that sells hiking boots.
Step 4
Choose a hiking boot by comparing the prices and products from the online stores and the stores you visited in person.

Tips & Warnings

If you have never bought hiking boots before, purchase them in person rather than online, to ensure a perfect fit.
Wear your boots a few times around the house or to the store to break them in, so they will be comfortable when you are on your hike.
Shop in the winter months if possible, as many hiking boots will be on sale or closeout during this time.
Taking precise measurements of your feet is essential if you will be ordering the boots online as, some retailers sell hiking boots with different widths and lengths. This means that the standard size of the hiking boot could be off by anywhere from a few centimeters to an inch.

Article Written By Julie

Julie is an outdoor enthusiast and freelance writer. She enjoys hiking and camping the North Woods of Michigan, as well as remote regions of Canada. She spends her free time backpacking and exploring new and unchartered territory on all of her outdoor expeditions.

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