How to Compress a Sleeping Bag

How to Compress a Sleeping BagWhen packing your camping gear into your backpack, you want to minimize your belongings to maximize the space in your backpack. By far, your sleeping bag is the bulkiest item needed for your camping excursion. In this article, find out how to compress your sleeping bag into a manageable size.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Choose the right sleeping bag. A down-filled sleeping bag will compress smaller than a synthetic fiber-filled bag. Down-filled sleeping bags are a lighter weight than the synthetic counterparts but are still able to provide an adequate amount of insulation.
Step 2
Roll tightly. Roll the sleeping bag tightly when preparing to compress it. The tighter the sleeping bag is formed, the smaller it will be when compressed.
Step 3
Place the tightly rolled sleeping bag into the compression bag. Secure the straps and pull tightly until the sleeping bag has been reduced to at least one-quarter of its original size.
Step 4
Pack strategically. Compressing an otherwise lightweight sleeping bag suddenly makes the lofty sleeping bag weigh more. Pack the compressed sleeping bag at the bottom of your backpack.
Step 5
Warning--Compressing a sleeping bag for an extended period of time may permanently mash the insulation, causing the sleeping bag to loose its loft, not keeping you as warm.

Article Written By Angela Robinson

My family and I are avid campers. Having grown up in the Ozark Mountains, I have an appreciation of the outdoors. It has always been a big part of my life. As an adult, I enjoy taking my son to the places that I explored as a child. As a freelance writer, I enjoy most of all, sharing my knowledge, thoughts and experiences with the world.

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