Canoeing in California

Canoeing in California
The sport of canoeing is increasing in popularity in California. There are many different places to canoe in California that offer a fun ride with a beautiful atmosphere. California has a huge State and National Park System that consists of urban and wild environments, each offering their own unique paddling experience. Southern California offers year-round warm and sunny weather, while northern California offers exciting whitewater opportunities. A good way to get started canoeing in California is to join a canoeing club to meet other canoeists and find new water paddling places.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1
Take canoeing lessons. Even if you are not a novice, canoeing lessons can refresh your skills and enhance your technique, making you a better canoeist. Almost any sea, lake or river area in California has a canoe shop that offers lessons.
Step 2
Join a competitive race canoe team. Canoe racing is very popular in California, and there are several canoe clubs that offer competitive racing. Most clubs have race teams for novice paddlers, expert paddlers and everything in between. Teams are made up according to ability and compete against teams in the same skill level. Some clubs require more commitment to practice than others do. It is common for clubs to charge a membership fee. Usually the membership fees cover the use of equipment. Joining a competitive team gives you the opportunity to improve your paddling technique under the guidance of expert canoeists while enjoying the thrill of competing in races.
Step 3
Join a canoe club geared towards canoe hobbyists. This is a great way to meet other paddlers and enjoy group canoeing trips with others. These types of clubs are usually non-profit groups and run by volunteers.
Step 4
Take advantage of the numerous places to canoe in the vast California State Parks system, which consists of a variety of environments that include the coast, estuaries, lakes and rivers. Throughout the different parks you can find canoeing opportunities at all difficulty levels. Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu is a popular canoe spot, for example.
Step 5
Paddle in one of the many National Parks in California. The Channel Islands National Park has over 100 sea caves to explore during a canoe excursion.
Step 6
Tip: Stores that sell canoes are a great resource to find local canoe clubs in the area.
Step 7
Warning: Before canoeing in any State or National Park, check the current rules and regulations. Boating restrictions are sometimes put in place in an effort to preserve the environment.

Article Written By Rose Kivi

Rose is an outdoor enthusiast who has respect for the environment. She volunteers her spare time working to rehabilitate wildlife and their habitats. She also teaches survival skills and leads groups on nature explorations.

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