How to Install an Entrance Door on an RV

How to Install an Entrance Door on an RV
There are plenty of reasons you need to know how to install an RV entrance door. Maybe you want to add a more secure door to your RV, or perhaps a storm has damaged the one you've already got. Whatever the reason, be warned: RV doors vary greatly from model to model, and finding one to fit your RV will take time. Install your new door with care to ensure you'll be enjoying it for years to come.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Putty tape
  • Power drill / Socket wrench (depending on your door)
  • Plastic scraper
  • Nuts and bolts (or screws) to fit your particular RV and door
Step 1
Remove the old door. Use a socket wrench or Phillips head screwdriver to remove each screw (or bolt) from the current door. Once you've done this, the door and frame should pull right out.
Step 2
Remove the door and frame, being careful not to damage your RV. When you remove it, they'll be a hole in your RV for the new door and frame to go into. The new door will include a frame, so do not worry about saving the old one.
Step 3
Determine what type of door to order. Measure the hole that has been left in lieu of the door. Examine the old door to determine if it is radiuses. Determine what color and texture you'd like the new door to be, what type of lock it should have, and what side the hinges should be on. Have this information handy when you order your new door, because the company will need to know all of this information.
Step 4
Install the new door. Place one layer of putty tape around the outside of the new doorframe. This will insulate your RV, and protect both the RV and the frame from damaging each other. You don't want to damaged or splintered frame, because this may prevent it from fitting correctly.
Step 5
Place the door and frame into the RV's door hole, and secure it with the socket wrench and nuts and bolts (or power drill and screws, depending on your door). It should be apparent where the nuts and bolts / screws go, because there will be holes frame for them.
Step 6
Scrape away any putty tape that sticks out from the door with the plastic scraper. Your door should now open and shut easily.

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