How to Use an ALICE Pack

How to Use an ALICE Pack
ALICE stands for All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment and is a backpack system developed by the U.S. Army for infantry use in the early 1970s. Having undergone continuous modifications, it remains in use today. ALICE was meant to give infantrymen an integrated system for hauling a lot of gear while retaining easy access to a variety of important items. Since ALICE gear is easily found in most Army-Navy surplus stores, it remains popular with hikers and campers.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Get the ALICE webbing. This is a harness with a plethora of purpose-made pouches and tool holsters that can be suspended from it. Items that a hiker will find useful are canteens, the entrenching tool, general purpose pouches, first-aid kit and the hatchet. Hunters may even find the ammunition pouches handy, depending on their guns.
Step 2
Take a look at the backpacks in the ALICE system. There are small, medium and large packs. You could get one or more of these to meet your needs. These also come with handy, modular add-on pouches and other items. Whatever you can't get onto the webbing can be strung onto the outside of the pack.
Step 3
Get the LC-1 Field Pack Frame (large) if you took the large field pack. These two were meant to be used together, and you will be doing your back a favor if you use them that way. There is also an LC-1 for medium backpacks, and this should be used whenever the medium pack has been stuffed to capacity. For light day hikes using the medium pack, it is probably unnecessary.
Step 4
Adjust the fit of the straps for the assembled ALICE kit as you would be any other backpack.
Step 5
Pack for a good weight distribution, just as you would with any other heavy, load-bearing backpack.

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