How to Install a Bell Bike Child Seat

How to Install a Bell Bike Child Seat
There will come a time when you'll want to take your child along with you while you ride your bicycle, but they'll be too young to bicycle themselves, even with training wheels. The solution is a child's bicycle seat, which enables kids to ride above your rear wheel. Bell, a prominent bicycle accessories manufacturer, makes an array of child's seats, all of which easily mount to your bicycle with minimal effort.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench
Step 1
Remove the seat from your bicycle. This is usually done by loosening a bolt at the base of the seat pole where it meets the bicycle frame.
Step 2
Connect the rear support struts. Most Bell child safety seats attach by tightening clamps to the bicycle frame just above the center of the wheel. These simply screw in place and clamp to the upper of the two struts that connect the rear wheel to the bicycle frame.
Step 3
Put the bracket designed to attach to the bicycle seat in place and then replace the bicycle seat, fastening it in place. This forms a strut between the child's seat and the bicycle seat, securing the child's seat.
Step 4
Make sure that all the connections are solid and that your bike has been returned to the state it was in before you attached the child's seat. It is generally advisable for the child's seat to tilt back rather than being perfectly level.

Tips & Warnings

Read the manual. As with all safety products, always read all instructions that come with the product.

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