How to Select a Fishing Pole and Reel

How to Select a Fishing Pole and Reel
There are so many fishing reels and rods on the market now that it can be extremely difficult for a beginning angler to know what type to purchase. The best rule of thumb for the novice when it comes to selecting a fishing pole and a reel is to go by what type of fish the person wants to catch and what type of equipment he is going to be able to operate with the most ease.


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Step 1
Select a bait-casting setup if you want to be able to deliver larger sized baits and lures a long distance. This type of reel is mounted on the top side of the fishing pole. A bait-casting rod needs to be used with this type of reel, since it allows the reel to be mounted on the top and has guide eyes for the line to be threaded through on the top side.
Step 2
Select a spin-casting reel if you want to utilize lighter lures. This reel is much easier to use for a first-timer than a bait-caster and is mounted on the bottom side of the fishing pole. It is a popular choice for those anglers that target trout, bass and pike. The spin-casting fishing pole allows for the bottom setup of the reel and has its guide eyes on the bottom for the line to go from the reel up the pole. Artificial lures as well as live bait can be presented to fish with a spin-casting reel and rod.
Step 3
Select a closed spin-casting reel for children. It is easy to use and require onlys that the child push and then release a button to cast. This reel goes on the bottom of spin-casting rod. Another excellent option for a young child is a long bamboo pole that has no reel, with the amount of line attached to the top of the pole. This is a great way to introduce kids to fishing and is effectively used to catch pan fish and catfish in small ponds.
Step 4
Select a fly fishing reel if you wish to target fish with the use of hand tied flies. This reel needs to be put on a special fly rod and is difficult to master. The angler needs to take line off of it, wrap it around her hand, and then use a repeated whip-like action to send the fly out onto the water. The rod comes in many sizes for fly fishing, which is a popular method of fishing for such species as trout and pan fish.
Step 5
Select an ice fishing rod and reel if you are going to jig for fish beneath the ice. This is a miniature version of a spinning reel and rod, which are designed to be able to play fish through the ice. The reel and rod are much smaller than a normal freshwater rig, but are still more than capable of landing good-sized fish through the ice. The ice fishing rod lets an angler drop a small lure down where the fish are swimming and jiggle it up and down in such a manner that it elicits a bite from a hungry fish. Perch and bluegill are the two species most often caught with this type of fishing pole.

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