How to Make Round Lead Fishing Sinkers

How to Make Round Lead Fishing Sinkers
Sinkers are a staple item for any angler, no matter where they fish or what they fish for. Sinkers are molded lead weights that take the anglers lure or bait down to where the fish are hiding. Making your own sinkers takes some practice, but the result can be a year's supply of fishing sinkers in just a few hours worth of work.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Making the Sinkers

Things You’ll Need:
  • Round sinker mold
  • Lead melting pot
  • Gloves
  • Pliers
Step 1
Place the soft lead ingots into the melting pot and allow the lead to soften to a liquid state. Be sure all the lead has melted in the pot, as this makes it easier to pour the molten metal into the mold. Also, do not over fill the pot with ingots so the pot does not over flow when the ingots melt.
Step 2
Pour the liquid lead into the mold; be careful not to spill the liquid lead at this point. Make sure the mold is closed prior to doing this so the sinker will be formed properly.
Step 3
Fill the cavity of the mold with the liquid lead until all the cavities are full. Let the mold stand so the cavities are facing up; this will allow the lead to harden in the mold. Allow enough time for this step, since this is the point when the lead will form to the shape of the mold.
Step 4
Open the mold carefully once it is cooled from the pouring, and use the pliers to remove the newly formed sinkers from the mold. Do not directly handle the sinkers at this point since they are very hot.
Step 5
Use the cutting edge of the pliers to remove any excess material on the sinker and you have a batch of round lead sinkers that are ready to fish!

Tips & Warnings

Pre-heat the mold with a torch prior to pouring the first batch of liquid lead. This will make it easier to get the sinkers out of the mold.
Make sure to pour liquid lead in a well ventilated environment and always wear a mask to avoid directly breathing the fumes. Also, wash your hands and face thoroughly when you are finished pouring the lead.


Article Written By Brian M. Kelly

Brian M. Kelly has been freelance writing since 2003. His work has been published in respected outdoor magazines such as Outdoor Life, Great Lakes Angler and Salmon Trout Steelheader. He holds an associate's degree in automated machine design from Macomb College.

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