How to Fold a 3 Person Dome Tent

How to Fold a 3 Person Dome Tent
Camping with friends in the backcountry, on the beach or in your back yard are fun ways to enjoy the sport. While folding a three-person dome tent is relatively easy, you'll need to be aware of how you make each fold and how it is stored once folded. As with any fabric, it is always important to adhere to manufacturer's instructions.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Unzip zippers to prevent damage.
Step 2
Roll the three-person dome tent to prevent the waterproof plastic coating on the floor from cracking. Repeatedly folding your dome tent on the same lines is damaging and most manufacturers recommend rolling or "stuffing" the tent as a way to avoid such damage. If such a disclaimer is not issued, use basic folding techniques.
Step 3
Fold the tent as suggested by the manufacturer. Adhere to basic folding instructions; vary fold locations to reduce long-term damage. Fold the tent inward bringing the outer points of the tent to the middle. Fold the dome tent into half a circle and then continue to fold each half circle into another half. Press the walls of the tent down, allowing the frame to collapse in the process. Fold the tent until it is small enough to fit into its stuff sack.
Step 4
Fit the tent into its stuff sack. The dome tent should slide into the sack without great force.

Tips & Warnings

Never fold a three-person dome tent if directed by the manufacturer not to do so.

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