How to Fish With a Wire Line

How to Fish With a Wire Line
A wire line is especially useful to deep-sea fishermen, and its virtues especially come out for the fishing method known as trolling. Making the switch to a wire line will require a few adjustments to your rod and reel, but once this is done, trolling for fish is a pretty straightforward procedure. After a few outings with your wire line, you will be trolling for fish like an old pro.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wide fishing reel (ideally suited to wire lines)
Step 1
Install a wide reel on your fishing rod, especially if you do not have a saltwater rod and reel that is meant for work with wire lines. Some anglers say the wide reel helps prevent kinking, and they are definitely easier to work with when it comes to unkinking the wire.
Step 2
Splice your wire line to a heavy fishing line made from a different material. Spooling the reel with 50 to 100 yards will create a spongy substrate on the reel for the wire to sit on top of and will be a big help in avoiding a break if the line gets snagged.
Step 3
Reduce the number of weights you tie on the line. Wire weighs a little more than other fishing line, and given that it is often used for deep water fishing, that adds up. A deep water angler using a wire line can leave an entire two-pound sinker off.
Step 4
Set one or more reels on the back of your boat. Drop the line to the bottom and either move the boat forward at a steady four to six knots, or slowly and steadily reel the line in while your boat drifts in the current.

Tips & Warnings

Stranded and solid wire lines have different advantages. Stranded lines are less prone to kinking, but more prone to fraying. So, if you don't want to bother with regular replacement of the line on your reel, go with stranded wire, but be prepared for more kinking. If you want fewer hassles when you are fishing, but more when you are in the garage working on your tackle, go with stranded.

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