How to Repair RV Metal Siding

How to Repair RV Metal Siding
Metal RV siding is custom fit from the manufacturer. Extensive damage to siding requires replacement and professional work will be necessary, but small cracks and minimal damage can be fixed at home with a few basic tools. It is important to fix the damaged area before the elements penetrate your RV. When there is extensive damage that requires professional attention, you must waterproof the area to protect the RV during the waiting period.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Repair Metal Siding

Things You’ll Need:
  • Externabond WebSeal
  • Externabond UV Protector
  • Rough sand paper
  • Rubbing alcohol
Step 1
Prep the area by sanding any rough edges and cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol. There should be a smooth surface without any jagged edges before applying the WebSeal.
Step 2
Apply Externabond WebSeal by exposing the adhesive and smoothly applying the strip. The WebSeal should not have any air pockets or creases that will compromise the adhesive.
Step 3
Coat the WebSeal with the UV protector by thoroughly brushing on a thin layer of the liquid. Any uncovered spots will result in future damage.
Step 4
Let the UV protector dry before testing for leaks in the damaged area.
Step 5
Test for leaks by soaking the area with a garden hose. If the area continues to leak, professional assistance may be necessary.

Tips & Warnings

It is optional to apply a second coat of UV protector. Do not apply a second coat until the first coat is dry. Do not test for leaks until the second coat is completely dry.
Only minor damage to metal RV siding should be fixed using this procedure. Do not remove any pieces of the siding if there is major damage. RV siding is custom fit and major damage requires professional attention.


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