How to Fish in Coalport

How to Fish in Coalport
Coalport is a quaint village in the West Midlands county of Shropshire. The town is set on the confluence an old coal canal and the Severn River, making it a well-watered location that is popular with British anglers. If you are in the UK and want to try out the local fishing, Coalport is a good place to go for barbel, perch, chubb or bream. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before setting out to fish in Coalport, however.


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Step 1
Time your visit in Coalport for between June and March, since this is the British fishing season. If you arrive between in April or May, you won't be allowed to fish.
Step 2
Buy your rod license from the British Environment Agency. This can be purchased online or from vendors in Coalport. For the fish type available in the Severn River and surrounding area, you need a non-migratory license. One-day, eight-day and full season licenses are available. Keep the license handy, because there is a water bailiff who regularly checks local anglers to see if their papers are up-to-date.
Step 3
Choose between free and paid fishing options. There is a free fishing zone on the River Severn about 1,800 feet up the left bank of the river from the town footbridge, labeled the "Environment Agency Ironbridge Fishery." There are other fishing options in the area's lakes and ponds, but these charge an admission fee.
Step 4
Collect or purchase your bait. If you are seeking to land a big barbel in the Severn, for example, you could either buy a can of Spam in a local shop or go digging for worms along the river bank the day before you go fishing.

Tips & Warnings

If you are staying in the YHA hostel in Coalport, there is a pub just two minutes walk from there that sells fishing licenses.
Exercise caution when making your way to and from your fishing spot if you choose to fish on the Severn. The fishing areas are reputed to be very rocky and slick, so be careful and avoid a bad fall.

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