How to Make a Knife Out of Rock

How to Make a Knife Out of RockStone was one of the earliest-tool making materials known to man. Whatever a cave man can do, a modern man can learn with only a little patience. Making a knife out of rock only requires the choice of the right rock, a little attention, and enough time to do the job right. This procedure makes for a good school project or a survival technique.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Roughly knife-shaped piece of flint or obsidian
  • Geology guide (optional)
  • Stone or metal chisel
  • Stone or metal flaking tool
  • Hammer, or a stone to use as one
  • Cloth or leather for wrapping
Step 1
Find a piece of flint or obsidian. These are the best rocks for blade-making, as they yield the sharpest edge. A geology guide will give you types on where and how to find these stones. However, most stones will do in a pinch. Choose something that is already knife-sharped, as this will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend chiseling the stone.
Step 2
Shape the knife by chiseling it. This is done in firm strikes. Do not hit the chisel too hard, or you will shatter the stone. Choosing a good stone will minimize the time spent on this step.
Step 3
Form the knife's blade with the flaking tool. Once the shape is established, you will need to chisel the generally formed blade down to a good edge that is as fine and center-lined as possible.
Step 4
Use a whetstone, or a stone with a rough surface, to sharpen the edge. Sandstone is a good choice, as it has gritty surface. Draw the blade edge back along the sandstone about half a dozen times, then switch sides and give it one draw. Stone blades are pretty crude, so they cannot be honed as much as a metal blade.
Step 5
Wrap the base up in cloth or leather. If you are using flint or obsidian, it is likely to have sharp edges naturally, and without a handle-wrapping you are liable to scrape your hand when you use the knife.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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