How to Repair RV Plastic Siding Leaks

How to Repair RV Plastic Siding Leaks
Several methods are used to repair leaks in plastic RV siding. Most RV siding is coated with a vinyl or fiberglass finish, but the material is easy to work with and minor damage can be patched on a budget. Every RV owner should own a roll of aluminum sealing tape for quick fixes, but making permanent repairs requires a few extras steps. If the siding has extreme damage, it will need to be replaced, but most leaks can be fixed by sealing and waterproofing the siding.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Caulk
  • Quad sealant
  • Putty knife
  • Fine-grain sandpaper
  • Marine touch-up paint
  • Permanent marker
Step 1
Locate the damaged, leaking area and make a small mark for reference.
Step 2
Clean any loose material from the damaged area with the edge of the putty knife. Use the sandpaper to smooth any rough edges that are a result of the damage.
Step 3
Completely fill the damaged area with Quad sealant. Use the putty knife to smooth the sealant and make it flush with the existing RV wall. Leave the sealant to dry.
Step 4
Go through the RV and caulk any areas that may be susceptible to water damage in the future. Do this while the sealant is drying. Look for weak points in window panes and vents. Use the putty knife to make the caulking flush with the RV walls.
Step 5
Once the Quad sealant has cured, use the marine-based touch-up paint to finish the wall.

Tips & Warnings

Building RV siding is a custom-fit process. Fixing small leaks is a relatively easy task, but major damage to the siding is difficult to fix and should be handled by an expert.


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