How to Make a PVC Drying Rack for a RV Ladder

How to Make a PVC Drying Rack for a RV Ladder
Being self-contained as you travel in an RV means doing laundry at some point. Unfortunately, stopping at a laundromat means losing the better part of a day. An excellent solution is washing your clothes in your sink and drying them on a rack attached to the rear of your RV. This simple, cheap, convenient solution fits easily on the back of your RV and collapses for easy storage.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Build the Base of the Rack

Things You’ll Need:
  • Saw
  • Power drill
  • PVC glue
  • 3 10-foot sections of 3/4-inch PVC pipe
  • 2 PVC end caps
  • 6 90-degree PVC elbows
  • 2 45-degree PVC elbows
  • 8 PVC T-joints
  • 1 30-foot clothesline
Step 1
Cut your PVC pipe into the following sections: Two 2-inch pieces, two 3-inch pieces, two 22-inch pieces, two 24-inch pieces, two 28-inch pieces, three 7-inch pieces, four 8-inch pieces, and four 12-inch pieces.
Step 2
Attach four 90-degree elbows to the ends of the 28-inch PVC sections. Glue these joins.
Step 3
Connect, in order, a 12-inch section, a T-joint, a 7-inch section, a T-joint, and a 12-inch section. Glue these joins.
Step 4
Connect the two previous sections to form a PVC square. Glue these joins.
Step 5
Drill holes approximately every 4 inches in the T-joint sides of the PVC square.
Step 6
Tie a knot in the end of the clothesline. Thread it back and forth through the drilled holes to form a net. Once complete, tie a knot in the loose end and cut off the remaining clothesline.

Complete the Rack

Step 1
Connect, in order, the end caps, the 2-inch sections, 90-degree elbows, 3-inch sections, and T-joints. This will form the ladder hooks. Glue these joins.
Step 2
Place the two 24-inch PVC sections in the T-joints on one side of the PVC square. Connect these to the T-joints on the ladder hooks.
Step 3
Place the two 22-inch PVC sections into the T-joints on the other side of the PVC square.
Step 4
Connect the 22-inch pipes to the ladder hooks with the following, twice: T-joint, 8-inch pipe, 45-degree elbow, 8-inch pipe. Glue these joins. Connect the two T-joints with the remaining 7-inch section of pipe to complete the rack.
Step 5
The ladder hooks will hang over your RV's ladder to hang the rack. The rack itself will separate from the vertical supports and the angled supports for easy storage.

Tips & Warnings

Always use goggles when using power tools.
Do not use your rack while the RV is in motion.

Article Written By Beau Prichard

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