How to Stop Snow From Sticking to Snow Shoes

How to Stop Snow From Sticking to Snow Shoes
Snow shoeing can be a thrilling and rewarding cold-weather adventure. But the challenge shouldn't be keeping snow from sticking to your snow shoes, straps and boots. Picking out the correct snow shoes for your snow conditions can help reduce the build-up of snow. But you can also use a few common outdoor products to keep the snow on the ground and off your boots.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Silicone spray
  • Wax-based weatherproofer
  • Vaseline
Step 1
Choose the right snow shoe to help prevent snow from sticking and packing into your shoes. Use a large snow shoe on soft powder and a small snow shoe for wet and packed conditions.
Step 2
Spray a silicone-based product directly on your snow shoes before wearing them in the snow. The silicone will help reduce the amount of snow that stick to your shoes. A product like Atsko Waterproofing Stain Repellent will help repel water, snow and stains at the same time.
Step 3
Use a wax-based weatherproofer on your boots with any fabric, leather, suede, nubuck or smooth leather before attaching your snow shoes. Read the manufacturer's directions and sponge on with the applicator tip bottle. Keeping snow from piling up on your boots will help keep it from packing into your snow shoes.
Step 4
Carry some Vaseline while snow shoeing to keep your lips from cracking. If you find the snow cumbersome, take a clean cloth and rub a smear over the bottom, sides and latches of your snow shoes to keep the snow from sticking.
Step 5
Work on your snow shoeing form. Keep your feet floating on top of the snow and avoid digging and shuffling through the snow. Shake out your snow shoes and tap them against your trekking poles to loosen the snow.

Tips & Warnings

Read your boot manufacturer's before using any silicone or wax based products.


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