How to Build Stamina Running

How to Build Stamina Running
One of the most difficult aspects of running for people just getting into the sport is to be able to have the ability to build up their stamina so that they can run longer distances. Becoming tired, having trouble staying motivated, and experiencing pain as they run often short circuits attempts at building stamina. There are steps that can be taken to overcome such problems and allow a person to become a long distance runner.


Difficulty: Challenging

Step 1
Know how to avoid or treat the pain called a "side stitch." These pains often hinder people who attempt to run longer distances and are caused by the person's diaphragm cramping. Avoid eating an hour before you run and be certain to properly warm up before attempting a longer distance run. Treat a side stitch that occurs while you are in the process of running by rapidly inhaling deeply, holding it for two to three seconds, and then exhaling with great force through your mouth. If side stitches continue try to change how you breathe as you run and if they persist, you can simply slow to a fast walk and take deep breaths until they subside.
Step 2
Gradually increase the distance you run to build stamina. If your goal is to be able to run five miles, it makes little sense to go from running half a mile right to running five. Build up over time the distance you run by adding a half a mile to your runs for a period of from five to seven days before adding the next half mile. In a few weeks time, you will find yourself comfortably going a much longer distance.
Step 3
Find a suitable running partner. Having someone to run with can challenge your abilities, take your mind away from running with conversation, and motivate you to be able to complete the run. Join a running club where you will be certain to have people to run with or run with a friend or co-worker who is also trying to build stamina and endurance.
Step 4
Keep track of your progress by maintaining a log of your running. This way you can see what you have accomplished right in front of you, which will further inspire you to keep making strides at running longer distances.
Step 5
Put yourself in a position to succeed. Wear a good pair of running shoes to minimize the impact on your legs and feet while you try to run longer distances. Be sure to stay hydrated and give yourself at least one full day of rest from running during the week to avoid tiring yourself out. Be sure to heed any warning signs that your body is giving you regarding injuries, such as shin splints, and take time off from running if an injury does develop.

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