How to Carve Slalom Turns on a Snowboard

How to Carve Slalom Turns on a Snowboard
If you have ever watched snowboarders carve slalom turns in the Winter Olympics, you know it's an intimidating high-speed work-out. But you can learn how to carve up the slopes yourself with a few simple techniques. All you have to do is learn how to keep your body flexible and low to your board while practicing lifting your heels and toes in a specific sequence. Successful snowboarders are confident and know technique is only the first step in mastering the sport. You need confidence, rhythm and a knack for working seamlessly with your board.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard
Step 1
Lean forward on your snowboard and turn your shoulders to your right while lifting your heels at the same time. This technique works if you are a "Regular Foot" and keep your left foot forward. If you're a "Goofy Foot," you will be inclined to ride with your right foot forward and should instead turn your shoulders to the left.
Step 2
Complete your turn and square your shoulders straight forward while arching your back until your board is flat on the snow. At this point, neither edge of your board should be engaged in the snow.
Step 3
Regain your balance and lean low and forward while bending your knees. Keep your body as flexible as possible and allow it to move fluidly with the motion of your snowboard.
Step 4
Turn your shoulders to the left (reverse if you're a "Goofy Foot") and lift your toes while leaning back to make a heel-side turn. Don't lean back so far that you lose your balance. Keep control of your board and work with its motion and speed instead of fighting against it.
Step 5
Turn your shoulders to face downhill when you near the end of your heel-side turn and straighten your body.
Step 6
Complete another toe-side turn by leaning your body forward as you read in the steps above. Keep it low with your knees bent and turn your shoulders towards the directions of your toes. Lift your heels slightly while keeping your body flexible. Eventually you should be able to stay lower to your board and keep carving back and forth without needing to square your shoulders forward.

Tips & Warnings

Take snowboarding lessons to safely practice slalom turns and carving.

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