How to Take Kayak Trips

How to Take Kayak Trips
Kayaking is a common recreational activity for outdoor enthusiasts. With many state parks and rivers as well as private lakes and rivers located around the world, kayakers have a variety of options when planning a kayak trip. From what you pack to how you plan your itinerary, you must make a number of considerations to properly ensure you are prepared for your trip.


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Step 1
Pack for your kayak trip. Staples like waterproof shoes, shorts, light tops and hats are ideal wears for any kayak trip. Essential gear includes breathable dry suits with latex seals at the ankles, wrists and neck; dry bags for clothes and food; splash jackets; and personal flotation devices. See "Resources" for a complete checklist of suggested gear for a kayak trip.
Step 2
Choose a kayak destination based on your skill level. California, New Zealand, Thailand and Costa Rica are favorite worldwide kayak destinations. U.S. destinations like the San Francisco Bay Area and Florida Everglades offer paddling, whitewater-rapids and wild rivers for kayakers of all levels.
Step 3
Decide if an outfitter or solo adventure is right for you. Choose an outfitter if you require gear and permits as well as logistical assistance. Choose a solo adventure if you have the skill set necessary for the kayak discipline for which you will be participating.
Step 4
Ask about discount packages. Some discount packages offer discounts on kayak accessories, gear rentals and tour guides.

Tips & Warnings

Always take rescue and survival skills before taking a kayak trip if enjoying a solo kayak trip.
Most U.S. states have a designated parks and recreation department for kayak launch use. You must apply with the parks and recreation department in your city to request an application to use a city kayak launch.
Some states require a fishing license when kayak fishing on private and public lakes and rivers. Check with the parks and recreation department in your state to learn more.

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