How to Build an Outdoor Table

How to Build an Outdoor Table
Building your own outdoor table is a worthwhile project if you are imbued with a do-it-yourself spirit and own a bit of land, enjoy backyard barbecues, or want to add some homemade furniture to your RV camping kit. This design will enable you to build a square outdoor table from treated lumber and basic tools, and it requires only some basic carpentry skills and a little patience to complete it.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Five 2 X 12 planks of treated lumber
  • Six 2 X 4 planks of treated lumber
  • Hand saw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Permanent marker
  • Carpenter's angle tool
  • Two 6-inch bolts with washers and nuts
Step 1
Saw five 2 X 12 planks of treated lumber down to a length of 60 inches. Lay these alongside each other with roughly an inch of space between them to form a 5-foot square.
Step 2
Saw three 2 X 4 planks of treated lumber down to 54 inches, and lay them across the square so they are in contact with all of the five 2 X 12 planks. One should be down the middle, with the other two set three inches from the outside. All three planks should have 3 inches of space between both ends of the 2 X 4 and the sides of the square.
Step 3
Drill holes for each 2 X 12 plank through both the 2 X 12s and the 2 X 4s, and then fasten each 2 X 4 to the 2 X 12s with wood screws.
Step 4
Saw another four 2 X 4s down to 40 inches in length, and then measure 20 inches down to their center. Mark that place, and drill a hole in the middle of the plank there. Then mark a 45-degree line on both ends of these 2 X 4s with a carpenter's angle tool, and saw off the ends along those lines. These will serve as your table legs.
Step 5
Take two of the table legs and set them up so they form an "X" where the holes you drilled in their centers meet. Push a 6-inch bolt through the channel formed by those holes, and secure the bolt with a washer, a nut and a wrench. Leave the nut a little loose, so you can adjust the legs of the X. Repeat the process with the other pair of table legs.
Step 6
Place one end of one of your table leg X-sections so that the top is set on the underside of the table and flush alongside the inside of one of the 54-inch long 2 X 4s that you screwed on in Step 3. Either of the outside pair of 2 X 4s is good, but do not use the middle-line 2 X 4. After adjusting the X for an even fit, drill a pair of holes through each leg and into the 54-inch 2 X 4. Fasten them together by driving wood screws. Repeat for the other table leg X-section.
Step 7
Reinforce the rigidity of your table legs with a crossbeam. Measure the space between the table legs at the points where the Xs cross. Saw a 2 x 4 to match that space, and place it on the top of the X-joints of both table-leg sections. Drill a pair of holes through the face (the 4-inch part) of the crossbeam and the table legs at each end, and fasten the crossbeam in place with wood screws.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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