How to Get Faster in Running

How to Get Faster in Running
Athletes who play a variety of sports have the desire to want to run faster. Those involved in sports such as football, baseball, basketball and track in which running plays an integral part can train to increase their speed. By using certain training techniques, many athletes can get faster, which can lead to greater success in the sports they participate in.


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How to Get Faster in Running

Step 1
Lose weight. Dieting or exercising can help you to lose pounds, which is that much less that you have to carry as you run. Training to improve your speed will carry the extra benefit of helping you to lose weight, which in turn will allow you to run faster.
Step 2
Lift weights. The legs can be strengthened by many different weightlifting exercises such as squats and curls. By also working on your upper body, you will improve your speed because good running form involves being able to pump your arms rapidly, which can be enhanced by weightlifting.
Step 3
Run downhill. An individual running downhill must increase the number of strides he takes because of the angle he is running because gravity is affecting his body. Lean forward as you run; this habit will carry over into your running on level surfaces and help you increase your speed.
Step 4
Run uphill. Whereas running downhill makes you take more strides, running uphill requires you to use longer strides. This, combined with the effort it takes to run uphill, improves leg strength and will help you to gain speed on the level surface.
Step 5
Be aware of your running form. It is important to pump your arms forward as you run and not from side to side, which only serves to slow you down. Keep your chin down, as this will keep the rest of your upper body in a proper running position for speed.


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